Eyeon Fusion 6.2 build 874

Author: herosmile32 from 8-01-2012, 05:53
Eyeon Fusion 6.2 build 874
Eyeon Fusion 6.2 build 874
Fusion 6.2 build 874 32bit & 64bit | 119.8 MB

Fusion is eyeon's leading flagship compositing tool, its vast tool set is like no other product. The continued focused development brings a creative postproduction system that sits at the forefront of the industry.
Fusion 6.2 is a powerful VFX production application, long developed and mature. Feature rich and battle tested in the field on thousands of films and productions around the world. Versatile and extensive tool set makes it a complete working environment for artists and post production professionals
Eyeon Fusion 6.2 build 874 32bit & 64bit | 119.8 MB

In addition to the advancements pioneered with Uncharted Territory, the development team at eyeon is always employed in the evolution of Fusion's already prolific toolset. Many upgrades have been executed to ensure the equanimity of both artist and studio. Following are some of the enhancements you can expect:

- Particle system updates with Particle Fuses and OCL Particle Fuses. Improved particle evaluation, providing more accurate and stable simulations.
- 3D Renderer Updated to render World Position Pass channels.
- WPP allows the artist to create a stereoscopic version from a single camera render.
- Updated RED R3D support to the latest version includes Epic and Scarlet support, as well as all the latest color science and controls.
- SVG importing, Scalable Vector Graphics, the open standard for 2D vector specs can be exported by a large array of applications and imported into Fusion.
- Open CL improvements including a new rays tool and ability to add a second low cost graphics card specifically for OCL supercomputing.
- Picking postion in 3D scenes or via WPP can be used for particle placements and object placements.

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